Hello there! And welcome to How To Be A Single Mum. My name’s Mink Elliott and I thought I’d set up this site to see whether by writing about it, I might – just might – get a clue about how to actually be a half-way decent SM. So far, still so hopeless. But, you know, it’s a work in progress, right? So if you’ve got any tips to share with me, please do get in touch – I could do with all the help I can get! And I do love a good natter, so check out the Facebook page of HowToBeASingleMum and drop me a line.

I’ve written four novels so far – The Pissed-Off Parents Club, Just Another Manic Mum-Day, A Mother Dimension and The Trial Separation. I’ve written for The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Berkshire Life magazine and I also write a weekly column about being a Single Mum in the country for the brilliant Henley Standard newspaper, called Just Saying…

I’m hoping this site will go some way to de-bunking some of the many ludicrous myths about Single Mums doing the rounds out there and also be a bit of a laugh. I’ve got two kids, one dog and six chins at last count, so God knows I could definitely do with one.

Anyway, thanks for dropping in – see you again soon!

Mink x